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Passion, sharing, enjoyment, sport, feelings: we believe there is no better way to get to know the world than to explore it at its wildest and most natural. Whatever your way of travelling is, discover all Ciclitorino Sport & Tour experiences!


At Ciclitorino Sport & Tour we live sport as the best path to get in touch with the nature and territory around us. Our environment is Piedmont, a region rich in history and tradition, which with its mountains and hills is the ideal location for all outdoor sports. 

Be it cycling, rafting, climbing, skiing, mountaineering, all these different activities blend into each other in an idea of travel, slow and shared, that favours the contact with nature and sharing with your fellow travellers.

Thanks to Ciclitorino Sport & Tour's tailor-made trips and experiences, everyone will be able to find their perfect dimension and discover (or rediscover) the pleasure of experiencing the outdoors!

Handmade CicliTorino

About Us


Ciclitorino Sport & Tour was born in 2019 from an idea of Stefano Tarticchio - a professional rafting and mountain bike guide, passionate about all things outdoor sports and founder of the handmade bike brands Ciclitorino and Dësgenà.

The mission of Ciclitorino Sport & Tour goes beyond the simple organisation of cycling tours, but aims to give life to unforgettable tailor-made travel experiences, combining different sports and different environments. From cycling on the roads of the Langhe to skiing on the slopes of the Alps, through rafting or trekking.

Ciclitorino Sport & Tour is a reality that makes the outdoors, community and appreciation of the territory its pillars and allows everyone to experience these sensations, thanks to a diversified and always made-to-measure offer.

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Our Services

Bespoke tour

Thanks to its tailor-made approach, Ciclitorino Sport & Tour can create the ideal trip for your needs and desires, with an offer that is always customised.

Ride a ct

Discover the unique pleasure of riding a Ciclitorino, a handcrafted bicycle made in Turin according to the principles of traditional Italian framebuilding.

Cycle & food

Discover the extraordinary gastronomic and wine excellences of Piedmont, combining passion for cycling and the food experience.


Cycling, but not only! Ciclitorino Sport & Tour and its staff of qualified guides can offer travel proposals that include trekking, ski climbing, rafting and much more. Experience the outdoors without limits!


Every Ciclitorino bicycle can be equipped with bikepacking equipment, to travel independently and without heavy bags and backpacks.


Every bespoke Ciclitorino Sport & Tour route is carefully planned by professionals. You can obtain GPX tracks of the routes: contact us to find out how!

GPX Tracks

Every bespoke Ciclitorino Sport & Tour route is carefully planned by professionals. You can obtain GPX tracks of the routes: contact us to find out how!


What would a journey be without a souvenir? Ciclitorino Sport & Tour offers the possibility of having a professional photo shoot of your adventure, to remember it forever or... make a full load of likes! 


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Via Caprie, 23 bis, 10138 Torino TO

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The Ciclitorino Sport & Tour team is always ready to answer your questions and propose the best travel solution for you and your travel companions, whatever your favourite destination or activity is.